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And They Say No Two Snowflakes Are Ever Alike?

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Registrert: 17.03.2009
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Bosted: Skarnes

InnleggSkrevet: ti. 17 mars 2009, 22:33    Emne: And They Say No Two Snowflakes Are Ever Alike? Svar med sitat

Skrev denne for hm.. en stund siden på skolen :p

And They Say No Two Snowflakes Are Ever Alike?

Sara walked straight to the front door. This was her first day at this school. She had moved here from Florida to live with her father. She hadn't seen him since last Christmas or so. Her red, old car made a contrast in the parking lot. Fancy sport cars and SUVs stood around her old Chevy pickup. She looked at her car for the last time and turned to the front door.

She wasn't relieved when she entered the room. Just with one look, she could tell that this school wasn't any good for her. A brown-haired boy with brown eyes and glasses, came up on her left side.
- Hi, Im Jack, this school's eyes and ears, he said in a calm voice before he laughed a little.
- You must be Sara, right? he continued. Sara nodded before she looked down at her feet. Everyone knew her. Why? How? Her mind asked her about things she didn't know the answer to. He guided her into a cafeteria and over to a table full of people.
- Guys! He tried to get the attention. A blond-haired guy didn't stop talking, and gave her a bad first impression. He just looked at Jack when he was done talking.
- Thank you. This is Sara, Jack said and smiled at her. A low mumbling, so low it was nearly hearable, started. They said a quick hi before they started to ask her about almost everything. Bella answered most of their questions , before the bell rang, and they all went to their classes.

She went to the biology class with Darren, the blond arrogant boy from the cafeteria. He appeared now to be a nice and calm guy. After the biology, when they were all gathered in the cafeteria again, five beautiful students entered the room. A small and pretty girl, called Amy, gasped. She leaned across the table and got Sara's attention.
- Who are they? Sara asked and leaned against her.
- They are this school's freaks. As you can see, they are totally outsiders, but heavenly gorgeous. Amy took a breath.
- The short one, with dark brown hair, is Elena. She is actually in some of your classes. The blond one beside her is Ian. Behind them are Crystal and Damon, Amy stopped talking and looked at Darren.
- What about the tall and brown-haired boy behind them? Amy looked at Sara, then at the boy.
- Oh, that's Nathan. He is totally gorgeous, but honestly no one in this universe is good enough for him.

Sara found these people very interesting. She turned and looked at them. All five sat down around a table near the door.
- Are they related or something? Sara asked and looked back.
- Yes and no. They're adopted, Amy answered.
- But they don't let anyone in, if you know what I mean, Jack suddenly said. He hade overheard the discussion.
- Well, you can try, if you want to hang out with the weird ones of course, Amy said in a sarcastic tone.
- What do you MEAN with weird actually? Sara was interested now.

Amy looked up from her meal and swallowed.
- Well, they're never here when the school is camping, and they're never in the sport class. And just look at them, Amy finished. Sara did look at them. Pale white skin, dark eyes, perfect lines in their faces. In fact, they reminded her about one person. Herself. Without the perfect lines in the face, of course.
- I can't find anything wrong with them, Sara concluded.
- That's the problem. They're perfect, real outsiders.

The bell rang again and Sara went over to one of the rooms down the hall. She saw Elena in front of her.
- Hello Sara, she said in a voice like silk.
- Hi, you’re Elena, right? Elena nodded.
- Why is everyone so afraid of getting to know you?
Elena laughed and smiled. She pushed the handle down.
- Sit with us next break, and I'll tell you, she smiled again and entered the room with style.

The next break came and Sara followed Elena to their table. The rest of them looked confused before they smiled and made space for another chair.
- Where is Nathan? I'll bet he is dying to meet her, Elena laughed. Sara sat down and joined the table. The chair next to her was empty.
- He should be here any minute now, the tall blond, called Crystal, said. As she spoke, a brown-haired tall boy entered and came towards the table. He frowned for a minute, before he continued walking towards the table.

- Hi Sara, he said when he came close. He was as gorgeous as Amy had told her. He sat down beside her and rested his left arm on Sara's chair. She could hear Darren and the rest of them enter, and glanced in their direction. When they saw her, sitting with the "outsiders" the first day at school, they frowned. She was the first who was ever allowed to sit with them, or just maybe the first to ask or talk to them. Sara turned her head and looked into a pair of topaz colored eyes. They were deep, but soft.

- Did you know that you have some gorgeous eyes? Sara and Nathan said at the same time. Sara blushed and smiled.
- Thank you, they both said and smiled. The four others laughed and teased. Ian was the first one to speak.
- Elena, when was the last time Nathan was in love?, Ian said and laughed when Nathan tried to be angry with him. It was a fiasco. Instead he smiled and shook his head.
- I don't know, Ian, a long long time ago? To their disappointment the bell rang and a new lesson began. Sara and Nathan went together to the gymnasium. They talked and teased each other friendly.

- Watch out, Sara! Darren shouted, but too late. Sara turned to the sound, and the volleyball smashed her to the ground. She sat up and looked confused.
- What the hell was that? She was angry now. This was the third time he had smashed her. But this time it hurt. A stab of pain in her left ankle. Nathan walked into the hall and looked at her.
- I can take her to the doctor, he said calmly, but it was clearly that he enjoyed the control he had on Darren. The teacher nodded once and Nathan lifted her up like she was just as light as air. All the guys stared at them. Sara started to enjoy it too, and to do it even more enjoyable, she planted a kiss on his cheek before she waved goodbye.

- Now, you'll survive? Or are you kinda dead on arrival? Nathan sat in a chair and waited for her.
- Well, I might die if you don't lift me into the cafeteria, she said with an innocent smile. The only thing she wanted now, was a type of revenge. She was one of the "outsiders" and she actually enjoyed it. As they walked to the cafeteria, they looked like two snowflakes on their journey to the earth. In one way they looked a like, in another, they didn't. Elena looked at them and laughed as she always did. Damon joined her and found the sight extremely funny. Nathan smiled and sat her down on a chair.
- Nice one Sara, Damon tried to say while he laughed.
- I didn't hurt myself actually, it was one of my classmates. Damon stopped the laughing and looked for some kind of joking in her face. She smiled and formed "Darren" with her lips, before she turned and looked at the boy. He looked even worse than Sara. He appeared worried and concerned when he met her look. For a moment it seemed like he was going to come over and make an apology. But instead, he turned and started talking to Amy. Jack was the first who came over. He seemed a bit insulting.
- You know when you're with them, you're no longer with us? Jack said like the five of them were invisible. Sara nodded and smiled.
- I would rather be an outsider than a normal A4-person like the rest of this school, she said and waved him away before she kissed Nathan's cheek.
- And they say two snowflakes are ever alike, he mumbled and smiled to Sara.
"You cant trust a vampire. Trust me"
- Edward Cullen
All alone
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And they say no two snowflakes are ever alike
The world is spinning
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