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The choice

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Forfatter Beskjed
Medlem av Volturi

Registrert: 30.10.2008
Innlegg: 12876
Bosted: Bergen

InnleggSkrevet: to. 03 sep. 2009, 21:10    Emne: The choice Svar med sitat

Jeg har aldri skrevet en engelsk stil på fri vilje, bare når jeg har vært nødt. Mye er fordi jeg ikke føler meg flink nok til å skrive på engelsk, men det er en god trening. Dette var mitt forsøk på å skrive en engelsk fortelling, å teste ut nye områder. Ble ikke helt fornøyd med den, men nå blir jeg aldri fornøyd med det jeg skriver da Wink.
Ligger den nå ut her så folk kan få lese den, men jeg må advare at historien er rar... min fantasi kan ta litt utav noen ganger... Rolling Eyes

Chapter 1

The sun was gone, giving its place to the moon. The fog and the moon gave the forest a creepy feeling, a feeling that someone was watching you.
Selene Buckner sat on a stone and had her eyes closed.
How did this happen? She did not know the answer, but it had to be an answer to it. The pain was like a thousand blades on her skin and someone putting salt in to it. Her long blond hair was in a pony tail and covered in blood, not much, but enough for someone to notice. The fog was crawling between her feet like a snake, but Selene did not care. She had much more important thing to think on than a stupid fog.
What if it comes back? She did not dare to think that thought. As a wolf she was stronger, but it took too much energy to shift form. She could barley stand so shifting to a wolf was not an option.
Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked down on her arm. She had been so stupid, so stupid! How could she believe she could take down that thing? It was more animal than her and far stronger.
“So stupid!”
Her blue eyes had a kind of sadness in them, as she understands her fate. Slowly, she lifted her bloody arm and whispered a poem her mother had taught her, a poem about life and death. The voice in her head was screaming after help, but Selene did not dear to scram after help, what if the beast did hear her?
Her fingers were covered in blood and did not want to listen to her orders to move, they was too weak to listen.
“I’m too young” she said with a weak voice and let her head rest on a tall stone. If she did not move, maybe she could make it? An anger was growing inside of her, an anger to the beast who had done this to her. A vice werewolf told her once about this world not being safe, even not for a werewolf. As a young pup, she did not believe him, but she knew better now. She had learned it the hard way.
A new voice was in her head, it sounded like her dead father. It was telling her not to give up, she had too much life in her, and she had so much she could do, only if she did not give up. The poem, the voice told her, remember the poem.
Selene tried to remember the poem someone told her so long ago, about a deer who was running from a hunter, and how the deer had outsmart the hunter, even when it had been shot. It was the wish to win, to live and trick its hunter that saved it. Selene knew she could not win over this beast, but if she tried she might get out alive. All her energy was give to her feet and she made an attempt to stand, and made it. She only needed to find someone, and not meet the beast…
After four steps she had to stop to pause and collect her strength. In the corner of her eyes it was a spot of fear, but some stubbornness too. She will not give up, not now.
”Your are better than this” she told her self and bit her lip in a stubborn way. The once beautiful face that made everyone smile was now covered in blood and wounds, and to make it worse all colours was gone, only a faint white colour was left in it. Nobody would have recognised Selene. With some more effort she manages to take a few more steps, but the pain was too big for her. Before she could stop herself she was on the ground and the breath beaten out of her.
“No!” no way she could manage to get up again now. “No…”
Sleepiness started to take over her eyes and Selene allowed herself to close them, just for a while. She started to dream about the beast, about the beast hunting her trough the forest. The face was black as night and it had a long spear in its hand. Scary.
Selene opened her eyes like the wind as she understand she had fallen asleep, she did not allow her self to sleep, just to close her eyes for a moment. It was a mistake; Selene knew it before she had opened her eyes.
“So you are back again” her voice surprised her, it was steady and with little fear. The beast was sitting next to her and she just talked to him! Even if Selene wanted she could not feel fear, she had used it all up. A body can only take an amount of fear, and Selene had used her amount a while ago.
“Yes, I am back” the voice was husky and dark. The man was sitting on a rock and looked down at her with a satisfied smile on his lip “Did you honestly think I ever would let you go?”
“No…” Deep inside of her she had know this, but she was living with the hope of survival.
This answer surprised him: ”No? Why did you try to escape me then?”
With her stubborn blue eyes she looked up at the man. He was dressed in all black, even his hair was black. He could have been pretty but he was not. Scares covered his whole body and gave him a frightening look. The sickening smile was still on his lips.
Selene wanted to fight him, to kill him, but she could not. And what made this worse was that she knew he knew this. He wanted her to beg, she could see it in his eyes. Selene Buckner did never beg!
“Did the humans hire you?”
“Yes, those stupid humans. They are friends with us because we hunt your kind, but they do know that we will hunt them later. Why take both kinds at the same time when it will only make them work together? No, you have to be smart and take one and one, make the other believe they have the power”
“Why do you tell me this?”
“I like to talk” The smile was back, the smile of a demon. He eyes was fixed on hers and even if he smiled the eyes did not show any amusement, they were serious. Like he felt he had to smile.
The pain was getting worse every second and Selene allowed herself to close her eyes and let the pain flow through her. She bit her lip and made a grimace.
“How does it feel to die?”
“What?” What kind of a question was that?! “Wonderful” she answered sarcastic and opened her eyes again.
“Well, I do have a choice for you” The man looked down on his long dirty fingernails and slowly taking them back to Selene to see if he had her attention. He did.
Just those few words gave Selene a fighting hope.
The man took up one of his fingers and put it on his lip “ Let me talk, I said I liked to talk, did I not?”
Selene almost said yes, but manages to stop herself before the sound came.
Those cold black eyes were still on hers and they had a new life in them, something strange. Selene had never seen it before and she did not know if she liked it or not. She wanted to ask him about what he meant with those words, but she did not dear to ask. The pain was getting worse and she hoped he would hurry up, either with the killing or take the pain away.
Finally he spoke: “Do you know what I am? Of course, a collector of souls, a magician who have been thought dark arts. Everyone knows that, but do you know what I really am? What this man who is most likely to kill you is?”
Selene did not dear to speak.
“Of course you don’t” The man closed his eyes a moment and Selene used the opportunity to move a little closer to a lose rock. She had not move much before his eyes was fixed on hers and then on the rock.
“Maybe I should break you arms?” It was not a question he expected an answer to, it was a threat. A light wind blows his black hair over his face and it gave Selene goose bumps.
“Who are you?” She asked to make him forget the mistake she had done.
“I have your life in my hand. It is my decision that decides if you are going to live and not. Do not, I say do not test my patience. For the sake of all the gods and whatever you believe in do not think I will hesitate a second to kill you. It is my job to kill you and take your soul. Humans do not want your kind and not mine either. Just like with the vampires and the ghouls, nobody wants you and everyone hunts you. There are no more vampires or ghouls left. Maybe a few, but we are dealing with them”
“I understand” the pain was eating her like thousand ants and making it hard for her to focus. “Who are you?” she gave it a second try.
“It may surprise you, but I was a father. Was, as my whole family is dead, including my lovely wife. I killed them”
Selene could not hide the sock “What?!”
“Yes, I did. I had too; they would have gotten a much worse fait had I not. I was about to kill myself but they got me before I made it.” For the first time it was pain that was showing in his face, real pain. “The worst thing a father can do is to kill his own daughter and son. And his wife… They were my life and I killed them, can you understand that?”
Selene could not.
“At least it was quick, something it would not have been had they gotten to them. There are things in this life that you do not know, Selene”
“How do you know my name?”
“You soul told me. Vampires can read minds and my kind can read souls, it is much better as the soul can tell us the present and the past. Vampires can only read the present, what the person is thinking in that exact moment. I did not need to use my eyes when you were thinking of throwing that stone in my face, you soul told me”
“Aha” what more could she say? She did not know what she could do, say or think. Could she trust this man? She did not know.
“They were after my family after we tried to help a few vampires and werewolves over the border to the next world. The government, my government, found out and the punishment for this kind of actions is heavy. Oh, I hated you guys for this. You came to me and asked for help since I knew a werewolf and we had not the heart to say no. A vampire told my government this as an attempt to save her own life, but we have rules and even the government does not break them. All vampires and werewolves must be killed, and the ghouls of course, but they are long gone. So they killed her after she told them”
He took a pause and let his eyes rest on a tree nearby “My family would have been alive today, but it would not have been much longer. They would have been living in pain, a lot of pain”
In rare occasions someone will tell you a clean truth, and just as you know when some in laying you know with the clean truth that what the person is saying is the truth. This was those rare occasions; Selene knew he was speaking the truth. He was suffering for a choice he made that was really not a choice. His family would have suffered, Selene knew that. It was the reason no one was trying to stop this madness, the reason why no one would help werewolves.
“I am sorry” She had lost her family too, but she did not kill them like this man did. She tried to fight with her hands and claws for them, but they were stronger. This man saw his family die, Selene run away… Till this day she still regretted that choice, maybe if she had stayed, maybe then they would have survived. But Selene knew the truth and her father had yelled it to her before they took him and his soul, there were no hope for them. Only her.
“I need you to help me stop this” the voice was weak and almost a whispering.
“Why me?”
“Because I need a werewolf to speak to other werewolves. They will never listen to me, and I need to speak to other soul collectors. Your job is simple; just speak to other werewolves on my behalf. When this is done, you are free. I only need you to do this”
“Why hurt me if you need me?”
“Would you have listen to me if I had not? Would you have been lying on the ground if you were fit for a fight? Only when you do not have other choices, when someone other than your self is the one who has the power to make them, only then will a person truly listen because he has no other choice”
He was right, sadly yes but true.
“You hurt me and then expect me to help you? What kind of a method is that?”
“It is my method. Try to understand, I am not longer the person I used to be. When I hunt…” he paused “I am them. I let loose what they are and forget myself. I am evil; there are no other words for it. It is in my nature and my job. Humans hire me to kill werewolves so they can give their body to the government and get points and money. All I need is their soul and a little money, and I can not deliver bodies to the government as they would recognise me. So humans let me kill the werewolf, take the soul and little of the money and they do the rest. I am a killer”
Yes, Selene had seen that when she first saw him, when he was not in his human form.
“Before all this, when I was a father, then I was what you would call a good soul collector. A person you could trust” His mind was somewhere elsewhere as his eyes were blank and not in focus.
For a moment Selene had forgotten her own pain and suffering, but they tried to get her attention again. Like small nails digging deeper and deeper in her skin.
“You can choose to help me or die. For me is the same, I can find a new one. It will take time as it is not many left of you, but I will find one”
“Can you take away my pain?”
“Yes, I am a magician” for the first time in a while he smiled, but not the demon smile but not a happy smile either. “Have you forgotten that?”
“Sorry” it was not easy to think when you were afraid and in pain.
The man sat down next to Selene and took something out of his pocket. Selene could not see what, but she did not try very hard. Her body was so tired after blood loss and fighting that the only thing she wanted was to get rid of the pain. A tingling feeling started in her legs and it grew stronger. The man held his hands over her legs and whispered strange words. A hot feeling was all over her body and her pain was gone, but she was still bleeding and hurt.
“You can call me Sinclair and in two seconds you will fall asleep”
An even before Selene could say no or refuse, the man, Sinclair, had made her fall asleep.
Tannlegeskrekken.no:Siden for oss som ikke er så glad i å gå til tannlegen.

Sist endret av Carlisle fr. 04 sep. 2009, 10:23, totalt endret 1 gang
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Vill vampyr

Registrert: 24.08.2009
Innlegg: 131
Bosted: Oslo

InnleggSkrevet: to. 03 sep. 2009, 22:17    Emne: Svar med sitat

Wow! You are good! Skriv mer!!! Very Happy

Everybody has a dream... My changed when i read Twilight...
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Medlem av Volturi

Registrert: 30.10.2008
Innlegg: 12876
Bosted: Bergen

InnleggSkrevet: fr. 04 sep. 2009, 22:00    Emne: Svar med sitat

Det nok bare dette kapitlet Wink. Likte ikke helt historien, den falt liksom ikke helt i smak hos meg.
Men selvfølgelig, om det er noen som absolutt dør om jeg ikke skriver videre så kan jeg det, men hvis ikke så lar jeg bare dette ligge som et dødt prosjekt. Dette ble egentlig bare skrevet for å teste ut hvordan det var å skrive engelsk, hadde ingen planer om å forsette på den Wink
Tannlegeskrekken.no:Siden for oss som ikke er så glad i å gå til tannlegen.
Til toppen!
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