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I hate you!! I hate you, ah hell, I love you!!

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Bosted: der hvor Edward alltid er<3

InnleggSkrevet: sø. 12 juli 2009, 17:13    Emne: I hate you!! I hate you, ah hell, I love you!! Svar med sitat

I hate you!! I hate you, oh hell I love you!

I could see the flames, and I could see him fall backwards.
“NO!” I shouted. “No! Oh please!”
I could feel my best friends arms holding on to me.
“You can`t do anything!” Nessie shouted.
“Please! No! Oh please!”

Chapter one –- A new friend, and an enemy.

“Dang!” I said, as I lost my books on the floor. I was late already, and the bus doesn`t wait either. I had like, I zillion books with me today, because I was headed to the hospital to visit my mom. My mom was forty-three years old, and had cancer. She called me yesterday and said that I needed to take some books up to her, `because she was bored to death.
“Do you need help?” a voice asked behind me. I turned, and there, over me, the hottest gye at school looked at me with curious eyes.
“Well, yes. Thanks.” I answered, and we started to pick up my books.
“I`m Eric by the way.” He said, and he raised his hand.
“I`m Grace.” I said, and took it.
“Nice to meet you.” He said, and smiled.
“Well, I`m actually in a bit of hurry…” I said and blushed.
“Than don`t let me stand in the way.” He said. His voice…it was an edge of…well, you know, when you try to be cool, and you know that the girl likes you either way. I felt kind of silly, and then kind of mad and irritated. Eric was hot, obviously. With his dark brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes he was nothing else than hot. But he wasn`t really my boyfriend type. He could be a good friend of course, but not my boyfriend. I hurried out the door, and nearly got the bus, but I was too late.
“Oh man!” I shouted. “Thirty seconds! Damn bus!”
Was is really that hard to believe that I was mad know? Well, I sat down on the bench and waited for the next bus. I was really irritated when it finally came.
The fifteen minutes it took to drive bus to the hospital, seemed like two hours. And on those few minutes, I had gotten over the line to really irritated.
When the bus stopped, I was eager to get out of it. I jumped out and nearly missed my books again. I walked fast into the hospital and then, in the hallway, I crashed.
“Ahh! See what you have done!” I shouted and looked at the person I had crashed into. All my books on the floor were know forgotten, and in front of me, a beautiful, dark haired boy stood. His eyes were golden, and his skin was sun brown.
“I`m sorry.” He snarled, and continued walking quickly down the hall.
“Thank you very much.” I said, irritated(again) to myself. When I got to my mom, she laid and slept.
I sat the books on a chair beside her and sat down on the chair on the other side of her bed.
She looked like she dreamt. My mom looked like me, only with more brown hair than me, and older lines.
Her hair was now sat up in a busty ponytail. I started to pray for her to survive, and hoped that God would hear me.
“Hey Grace. How are you?” my mom’s Doctor, Dr Cullen, asked as he came into the room.
“I`m fine, thank you. Worried, and today isn`t the best day in my life, but except from that I`m okay,” I answered. Dr Cullen smiled.
“Good to hear.”
Dr Cullen was…well, the most beautiful man in the whole universe. He had light blonde hair, pale skin, and golden eyes. He was the kindest man in the universe too. I wished he was my father. Sometimes, I wished that so badly that it was almost ill to see him the next day. Thinking of my father… He wasn`t nice at all. He is an alcoholic, and he goes on drugs. Right know I was living with him, and that was a nightmare.
“I pray for her every night and every time she is asleep.” I said, just to hear his weird bell voice.
“Well, then the only thing we need to ask for is that God can hear all you prays, and bless you.”
“Thanks, Dr Cullen. You’re a good man.” I said, and smiled weakly.
“Don`t you get tired of being on the hospital every day? You can`t see your friends much.” Dr Cullen said, and started to check my mother.
“Oh, well, no. I don`t have any friends.” I answered, and looked down on my folded hands.
“Oh, that’s too bad.” He said. “I have a daughter that is at the same age as you. Would you like to meet her?”
I looked at him; my expression was full with shock.
“Yes!” I shocked out. Then I blushed. “I would like to meet her. Are you working tomorrow?”
“Yes. I can try to get her with me then.”
“Thank you, Dr Cullen. Must God bless you for your kindness.”
He smiled at me. “Must God bless you too, Grace. A lovely little girl with a strong will.
“See you tomorrow, Dr Cullen. And if my mom wakes up, can you tell her that I have been here, and that I love her?”
“Of course.”
I walked slowly out the door, and down to the reception. And there again, I met the boy I crashed into.
“Aich! Please, can you see where you walk?!” I said, bitterly.
He didn`t look at me.
I waited only ten minutes for the bus know, but my day wasn`t getting better.
I walked up the stairs to my dad’s little apartment, and opened the door.
“Dad, I`m home.” I said, and walked slowly into the room.
“Why is you so late?” my dad asked with his brutal voice.
“Sorry, dad. I missed the bus, and then I talked a little with Dr Cullen.”
“Get your ass into the kitchen and start make me some dinner!”
That was the only thing it took, for me to get really sad, irritated, mad, and then I wanted – too badly this time – that Dr Cullen was my father.

The sound of the TV woke me up six in the morning.
My dad sat and watched some stupid wrestling show, with the volume as high as it did go.
I didn`t have a bed, so I was sleeping on the sofa.
“Dad, why didn`t you look at TV at the kitchen?” I asked, sleepy.
“Because I didn`t want to. And I want you to get out of this apartment in one hour. The gang are coming.”
I got myself fast up and got dressed, brushed my teeth and my hair.
“Bye dad.” I called, but he didn`t say something back.
It wasn`t many out on the street in Portland, Oregon, at six-thirty. So I walked pretty much alone to school.
When I got to Portland high school, only one pupil stood in the park, waiting for the others to come. It was the boy I had crashed into two times yesterday.
He looked perfect in the mist, and surprisingly, that made me really angry.
I walked into the school building, and started to get some organization in my books.
The time passed and for once I was glad that the school started.
Trough the day, I got to know that the boy was named Alex Sudcko. He was going to start in my class. Well hell. I was the youngest one at High School, and I were already going to graduate this spring. That was really nothing I was proud about, since I just needed to go this year over and over. Well, this day it was one person that talked a lot with me. It was super-hot Eric.
“Hey!” he said as I passed him. He was standing alone for once.
“Hi, Eric!” I said, and smiled to him.
“What`s up?” he asked.
“Nothing really.”
“Do you want to eat with me today?” he asked. I got stunned.
“Uhm, sure. I guess so!”
We walked together to the cafeteria, and a could feel the stare of almost everyone, and that made me blush.
“Are you going somewhere this afternoon?” Eric asked as we sat down on a table.
“I`m heading over to the hospital.”
“Oh. Why?”
“My mom has cancer.”
“I`m sorry.”
I stared down at the food. I didn`t felt for eating right know.
“Why did you wonder, anyways?” I asked him after a little time of silence.
“Well, I just wondered if you wanted to do something after school…”
I just went silent.
“Do you want to go at the movies or something a day you have time?” Eric asked, and broke the silence.
“I don`t think I have time, Eric.” I whispered. “I want to spend as much time as possible with my mother. You know…in the case…in the case that she`ll…” I couldn`t say the sentence; In case that she won’t survive.
“I understand. Just say if you want to then.”
Eric and I left each other then, to go to class.
On my way out, I could see the new boy – Alex – stare at me with furious eyes. What had I done him? I looked away.
The day was better than yesterday, but when I got Alex as lab partner, I thought I was going to die. He didn`t even look at me, but I often peeked at him.
He was really cute, but as in the morning I just got mad as I looked at him.
The day was finally over and I walked to the bus. It wasn`t that bad to sit in the bus today, because I wanted to get to the hospital. I was meeting Dr Cullen`s daughter. I had forgotten that. It gave me a huge lump in my stomach.
I walked slowly to my mom’s room and as always, she was asleep. I started to pray, and when I was done Dr Cullen came in.
“Hey.” I said, and smiled weakly at him.
“Hi, Grace, how are you? You look a little tired.”
“Yeah, I woke early today. How is mom?”
“She is the same like always.”
“Well, that`s better than worse I guess.”
“Hi dad! How are things?” I heard a beautiful girl voice say, and the body of the voice walked into the room. It was a girl. A beautiful girl with reddish, long curls, walked into the room. She smiled at me with perfect white teeth that were a little lighter than her pale skin.
“Oh! You must be Grace. I`m Nessie, it`s nice to meet you.” The girl – Nessie – said.
She seemed to like me, and I liked her too.
“Nice to meet you too, Nessie.” I said, and we shake hands.
“Dad told me that you were pretty much alone here at the hospital, and that you spend much of your time here.”
“Yes that`s true. You have a really nice dad.”
“I know. He`s the best.” She said and smiled a brilliant smile.
“Why don`t you girl go down in the cafeteria and get something to eat?”
Nessie looked a little dejected at her father.
“Fine for me. I`m starving.” I said, and chose to overlook the silent conversation.
“Good. Get some food.”
“I`m not hungry.” Nessie mumbled.
“You haven`t eat on a long time know, Ness. Get some real food in your body know.”
Was it just me, or did he say the word “food” with a little more power than the rest of the sentence?
“Fine. I`ll eat.” Nessie said, and then we walked down the hall to the cafeteria.
“Which school do you go to? Is there more schools around this area?” I asked.
“I have home school.” Nessie said, and smiled at me.
“Oh. How`s that?”
“Boring. You don`t meet any other at your age you know.”
“Ah. Well, you can come and join me at school. I will bet on that all the boys at school will swarm around you!”
“Nice for them.” She said, and then she laughed.
“Do you have a boyfriend maybe?”
“The best.”
“Lucky you are.”
“No. None at school do titillate my interest.”
“That’s too bad. You are a wonderful girl.”
“Say who?” I couldn`t believe it. Nessie, the most beautiful girl I`ve ever met said that I was wonderful.
“It`s true. And you are cute.”
Me? With the brow hair to my shoulders, freckles and blue eyes. Ordinary me?
“I`ll take that like a joke.” I said, and we both laughed.
“What do you like to do in your free time?” I asked her as we stopped laughing.
“Well, I like to be with my family. And I like to run.” She answered. “And I like to play music and sing.”
“Are you kidding? Me too! Well, I like to be with my mother, and I like to run too, only I haven`t been training for a lots of time. I like to play music and sing too.”
“Why don`t you like to be with your father?” Nessie asked. I went silent.
“Do you promise to not say it to one living soul?” I whispered.
“Of course. You can trust me.”
“Well, my dad aren`t nice with me. He uses me like I am his servant. And he is an alcoholic and he goes on drugs.”
Nessie didn`t say something.
“I am living with him know, you know. Since my mother is here, and I have now where to be.”
“That is just horrible!” Nessie finally said.
“Well, I guess it is.”
“Maybe I can ask Ca- my father if you could come at a sleepover at me in the weekends?”
“Oh, Nessie! That would be wonderful!”
“But I can`t promise anything. My family is…special. And my father need to say if it is okay or not.”
“I`m just glad that someone asked me.”
“Don`t you have any friends at school?”
“No. We moved here from Europe, for three years ago, that was before my dad and mom got divorced. My dad started to treat us bad, and they got divorced and then he moved. That’s my I am going on high school instead of junior high school. I`m fourteen years old, but I did live in Europe, and I learned more there than I ever have here.”
“Wow. Are you a junior, or a senior?” Nessie asked.
“Senior.” I answered.
“Well, you need to be smart then.”
“What about your characters?”
“Just A`s.”
I smacked her like friends do when the other did say something funny. We laughed.
We got down in the cafeteria, and eat.
“I think this is the day I have spoken most since my mom got here.” I said.
“Haven`t you been talking to someone?”
“My dad and your dad.” And then I blushed.
“And a boy at school.”
“Ooooooo! Is there some romance here?”
“No. He`s not really my type. But his cute, and he`s really hot!”
Nessie looked at the door. “Ah hell! What are they doing here?!” she said out loud.
I looked at the door too. Three pale, beautiful faces, and one brown, tall boy walked trough the door.
“Is that your family?” I asked.
“Yes.” She said trough her teeth.
I looked at the three pale faces. One boy, and two girls. The shortest of the girls had short, night black hair, and looked really excited about something. The other girl was really beautiful. She had long brown hair and walked hand in hand with the boy. The boy had the same reddish hair like Nessie had, and all of them was extremely beautiful, and all of them had golden eyes… The big, born boy just saw Nessie, and his face lightened up.
“Hey, Ness!” he called.
“Who is he?” I asked under my breath.
“It Jacob, my boyfriend.” She whispered back.
“Hi, Nessie. Who`s your friend?” the tallest of the girls asked.
“Hi. This is Grace everyone. Grace, this is my brother Edward,” she waved her hand toward Edward. “This is my sisters Bella and Alice. And that is Jacob. My boyfriend.”
“Nice to meet you.” I said, and smiled at them.
“It`s nice to meet you to, Grace.” Alice said.
“It`s good to see Nessie is having some friends around here. She have been so lonely.” Bella said.
“Yeah, me too.”
“Nessie, do you know where daddy is? I need to talk to him.”
“He is up at Grace`s mother.” Nessie answered him.
“Oh. See you later than, Ness.”
“See ya.” She mumbled after them.
“They seemed nice.” I said when they were gone.
“Yeah.” She said it thoughtfully, and that woke my interest.
“Is there something wrong about them?” I asked.
“No! But sometimes it is annoying to have so many brothers and sister.”
“How many do you have?”
“You at least have brothers and sisters.” I mumbled.
“I`m sorry, I forgot.”
“It`s not your fault.” I assured her. “Are you done eating?”
“Yes. Let`s go back.”
We walked in silence. When we got close enough to the door to my mom’s room, I could hear Dr Cullen and the rest of his family arguing.
“Quiet, Edward. She`s coming.”
When I walked through the door, everyone got silent.
“Uhm, Dr Cullen? I need to go know. I`ll be back tomorrow.”
“Edward? Why can`t we drive her home?” Nessie said.
Edward pursed his lips together. “I guess so.”
“You just need to drive me to the center. I`m going to shop something before I`ll go home.”
“Then you drive her to the center.” Dr Cullen said, and we walked out the door.

Chapter two – The Cullens

No one said anything on the ride. When Edward stopped the car, I turned to Nessie.
“So, will you be there tomorrow?”
“Sure. See you then.”
“Cool. Se ya!”
I walked out, but they didn`t drive anywhere. I could see Alice said something to Nessie and Bella, but I didn`t care what it was.
I walked slowly when I heard someone call my name.
I turned. Shit! It was my father! I hide myself behind a container, and I got many curious eyes.
“Why do you hide for me, Grace? You know I`ll find you!” I heard him say, and then he jumped out in front of me and gripped my arm and with me hanging after him – trying to get free of his strong hold – he walked out in public.
“Where. Have. You`ve. Been?!” he shouted at me.
“Where I am every day after school!” I cried. “At the hospital! To see my mom with cancer! Do you remember her?! Sylvia Birdsong! Your ex-wife!”
“Of course I remember her, stupid girl! She got divorced from me!”
“Because you hit her and me!” I cried. And the, he hit me, like he had done for only a year ago. I could feel the warm blood from my nose and I fell.
“Get away from her!” I heard a familiar voce call. Eric!
“Yes! I`ve called the police!” I heard Nessie back him up.
“Stupid small brats! She`s my daughter, and I can do anything I want with her.” He spitted trough his teeth.
“You absolutely can`t Mr.” I heard an unfamiliar voice say. It was a police man. Oh thank god!
“Hey, kid. Are you okay?” a female police girl asked me, and she started to press something at my nose.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Have he hit you before?”
“Yes. That was why my mother got divorced from him.”
“Have you seen him after the divorce?”
“Yes. I live with him.”
“Why don`t you live with your mother?”
“Because she`s at the hospital.”
“I`m sorry, sweetie. Are you okay now?”
My nose had stopped bleeding.
“Yes. Thank you.”
“You probably should get someone to look at your nose tough.”
“Come with me, Grace.” Nessie said, coming up behind the police lady.
“My dad is Dr Cullen, Mrs. And Grace and I know each other. My dad nurses her mom.”
“Thanks, Nessie. Is your family okay with that?”
“They need to be. Or I`ll be mad.” She laughed with her bell laugh and the police lady looked at her.
“If your father is Dr Cullen, and you two know each other, then I`ll let you leave.”
“Thanks for helping me.” I said to her.
“Grace?! Are you okay?” Eric`s voice asked.
“Yeah. Thanks you two, for helping me.”
“That was nothing really. I`m just glad that you are fine.”
“Yeah. Thanks, Eric. Your brave.” And then, swiftly, I kissed his cheek. He blushed.
“Well, I guess I see you at school tomorrow…”
“Want to eat lunch together again?”
In the middle of the crowd, I could see the new gye, Alex watch me, and I got angry again.
Nessie helped me to Edward`s car.
“How are you, Grace?” Bella asked, she sounded really like a mom.
“I`m fine, thank you. I had an angel guard that helped me.”
“Your religious.” Edward said, and it wasn`t even a question.
“Yes. I do believe in God.” I said.
And then, I slowly sank into unconsciousness.

“Wake up little sunshine, we are here know. And we two are gonna sleep all night, so you can`t sleep yourself out now.” Nessie`s voice almost shouted in my ear.
“Besides, daddy need to get a look on your nose.”
“Nessie? Who`s your friend?” I female voice asked, and the most beautiful girl in the world walked out the door. She had long, blond hair, golden eyes and she was pale, as the rest of them. Behind her, a woman came. She had long honey blond hair, with a heart shaped face.
“Rosalie, E- mom, this is Grace. She needs a home to sleep in.” And then she added, low. “Her daddy goes on drunks, and he is an alcoholic. And today, he hit her at the center, with everyone watching.”
“Oh! Poor you!” Nessie`s mom said and she gave me a hug. “I`m Esme by the way, and oh! I get so mad when those horrible people hit poor kids like you! Come, with us in. It is warmer inside.”
Esme was one of the kindest people I`ve ever met. It was so easy to understand that she was Dr Cullen`s wife.
“Sadly, my husband, Carlisle – he works at the hospital – he doesn`t get home before half past nine.”
“I know. I can his schedule in my mind. He is nursing my mom.”
“Oh! Poor you.”
“You have a really good husband, Mrs. Cullen. He is one of the kindest people I`ve ever met in my whole life. It`s easy to see that you are his wife. Because you are both so good with me.”
Esme gave me a good hug. “I`m so sorry. Your mom will be fine, and then you can live happy until you move out.”
I sighed. “I wish it was that easy…”
“Nessie, would you make some warm chocolate?” Esme called.
“Sure! Do you want any, mom?”
“No thanks, hun.”
“You have a really beautiful house.” I said, and looked around the room.
Their house outside was sure something to look at. Big, white, and black roof. But inside, it was probably more amazing. The living room, that Esme and I sat in now, was huge, and they had a big, really comfortable, and it was in one of my favorite colors; sandy.
“Thank you.”
“Is it you who have done all this inside?”
Esme smiled. “Yes. Alice and I.”
“Wow! You two are artists!” I choked out, and then blushed.
“Thank you.” She said again.
“I feel more comfortable here than I`ve ever done at my dad’s.”
And then I had done it. Brought up the subject.
Great, Grace. Silly you! I thought to myself.
“That really would be a problem.” Nessie said, showing my hot-chocolate in front of me.
“I know.” I sighed. “Well, I don`t think Eric is gonna say something if I asked him to take me in at he`s. He probably will shout in happiness.”
“Is that the gye you kissed?!” Nessie asked.
“To kiss his cheek isn`t the same as kissing the mouth.” I said to her, blushing.
“Whatever! Is he?”
“Yes, that was Eric.” I said, giving up against her.
The I heard the door open, and then close.
“I`m home!” I heard Dr Cullen say.
“Dad! Look who`s here!” Nessie shouted and ran to him, dragging him back to the living room.
“Ah. Hey, Grace! What do you do out here in my house?”
“I… well, let`s just say that Nessie really did save me today.”
“What do you talk about?” Dr Cullen asked, creasing his forehead.
I sighed. “My dad hit me, again.”
“And then the police came and arrested him.” Nessie said.
“I didn`t know that your dad do hit you.” Dr Cullen said and looked – surprisingly - worried.
“He haven`t done on a half year or so, but he uses me as a kind of servant for himself. And he goes on drugs and he drinks.”
“What are we gonna do?” Nessie whispered. Then, Edward, Bella, Alice, and three other teenagers (among them the beautiful girl with the blond hair) came in to the living room.
Nessie jumped up. “Oh, Grace! I forgot to present you for the rest of my family! This is Jasper,” she said, and pointed to a blond boy. He looked cute. “And this is Emmett,” she continued and pointed at a big, black haired boy with muscles as big as a mountain (okay, not technical). His hair was black and curly. Nessie continued, pointing at the beautiful girl. “This is my sister, Rosalie.”
“Hi.” I said, smiling at each of them. “Nice to meet you gyes.”
“Hi, Grace! Nice to meet you too!” the big one – Emmett – said and grinned at me.
“So, you are all sisters and brothers, right? But you don`t look related.”
Nessie jumped up again. “No. Edward and I are biological siblings. And Jasper and Rosalie too. Emmett and Bella is adopted and they are with Edward and Rose. Alice is daddies second cousins, cousins daughter, but her family left her with mom and dad when she was little.”
“Aha. Well, I guess I understood that.”
“You need to understand that. You’re probably the smartest kid in all the US.” Then she turned to her family. “She is fourteen years old, and she is going to graduate.”
“I`m nearly fifteen you know. I one week.” I interrupted her. “How`s my mom, Dr Cullen?”
“Please, just call me Carlisle.” He said and smiled. “She`s the same.”
“Guess that`s the best I can ask for.” I mumbled, and then looked up from their shiny floor.
“Mom, can Grace stay here over night?” Nessie asked in a pledging voice, looking at Esme.
“Yes. I guess she need to.” Esme sighed.
“Thank you, Mrs. Cullen.” I whispered.
“Please, just call me Esme.”
“Esme.” I said, and she smiled.
“Nessie, can you borrow me a night dress or something to sleep in? Or I need to go home and get it.” I asked, turning to her.
“Sure!” Nessie answered, and then she turned to her father. “I think it`s best if you look at her nose. It did bleed a lot.”
Carlisle tuned to me. “Do you mind coming up to me on my office?” he asked.
“No, I don`t mind that.” I said, getting up from the sofa. I walked behind him all the way up the stairs and into his room.
“You have so many beautiful pictures.” I said, and looked at the most colorful of them. It was a picture of Carlisle and three other men. “Is these gyes your friends?” I asked.
“Yes. They live in Italy, so I don`t get to see them very often.” He answered, and if I heard really close, I could hear some relief in his voice.
“Were you close?”
“Not really.”
He started walking down the hall filled with lots of doors until we got to his little office.
“Wow! You have so many books!” I said, looking at the walls. They were filled with books! I had never in my life seen so many books outside of a liberty.
“You like books?” Carlisle asked, sitting down at his chair behind the desk.
“Yeah. I escape to them when I feel bad.”
“What do you mean about that?”
“Well, when my dad used me, I like sitting reading, because when I read, I am in the world of the main character. And then I don`t have my own problems to deal with before I lay the book down, to go deal with my father.”
“Which books do you like the best?” Carlisle asked, and I sat down in the chair at the other side of the desk.
“Hmm, I have a lots of favorites. I like Harry Potter a lot, and then I like the House of Night series, and I like Jane Austin’s Sense and sensibility. I also like the book Dracula.”
Carlisle smiled. “Dracula of Bram Stroker?” he asked, and got to his feet and walked to one of the book shelf`s . “This one?” he asked, and threw a book at me.
“Yes. But, holy crow, this must be really old!” I said, looking at the book. The binding was old, black, and the D, C and the last A in the word Dracula was almost gone.
“It is.”
“How did you get it?” I asked.
“I got it from the old bookstore down in Port Angeles.” He said, and then he started working at me.
“So, where did your father hit you?” he asked.
“At my cheek, and I fell and hit my head in the asphalt outside the center.”
“And then you started to bleed?”
“Yes. From my nose, and I got really red at my cheek. I don`t know if it is there still.”
“It is. Well, I can`t see any danger, but tell me if your head starts to hurt, or if you feel dizzy.”
“I will, Dr- I mean Carlisle.”
I walked down again, and I got to the stairs when I saw that I still was holding the old version of Dracula. I walked quickly back.
“Sorry, I didn`t know I still was holding it.” I said, and laid it on his desk.
“You can come to me if you want to borrow it sometime.” He said.
“Is it really that different from the one I have read?”
“Read it, and you`ll see.” he said, giving it back to me.
“Thanks, Carlisle.”
“No problem.” He said.
I started walking down the stairs, really slow.
“Her eye color is really special.” I heard Emmett say.
Huh? My eye color was light blue with an undertone of purple. I had seen many of those eyes.
“Yeah, I know.” I heard Nessie say. “And she is so beautiful! I wonder how she would be as one of us…”
“Shh, Nessie!” I heard Edward say to her. “She`s right outside!”
“Hi.” I said, walking slowly into the living room.
“How are things?” Nessie said, and pulled me down in the sofa.
“I am going to say if I feel dizzy or if my head hurts.” I answered.
“Cool! Do you want to come with me so we can find something for you to sleep in?”
“Yeah.” I said, and then I got up again.
Nessie walked in front of me up the stairs.
“This is Emmett and Rosalie`s room,” she said, and pointed at a door. “And this is Edward`s and Bella`s,” she continued, pointing at another room. “Mommy and daddy`s, and this is my room.” She walked into the last door in the hall, except from Carlisle`s office that was one more down.
Her room was bright, with a glass wall facing east to the little sea behind the house.
“Edward and I were down and got the bed for you.” She said, pointing at a clap-together bed.
“That`s so nice of you.” I said.
“Whatever!” she said, and started to look in her closet. “I think this will be just perfect for you!” she said when she finally was done. She held up a night-wear pant in purple, and a top that matched.
“Wow! Is that…”
“Yes. It is silk.” She answered before I could ask.
We got dressed, and just sat at Nessie`s bed, talking.
“So what kind of music do you like?” she asked.
“The most. I like Paramore, and I like Linkin Park, and ABBA, and I like Annie Lennox, and Leona Lewis and Withney Houston, and Celine Dion. And I like Hurt by Christina Aguilera. And Uptown girl in Westlife`s version makes me really happy. A little Bob Marley too I guess.”
“Bob Marley?! Are you kidding? He so one of the bravest singers in the world!” she said.
“I like the way he sings. I like Because of you, and Breakaway with Kelly Clarkson.”
“We have much in common, my friend!” Nessie said.
“Have you heard I will always love you?” I asked.
“Yes! It is so beautiful!”
We started to sing the first lines.
“And Raking Chances by Celine Dion?” I asked and we sang that one too.
“I saw you had a big piano.” I said to her.
“Yes. It`s Edward. He is really good.”
“Mind if I try?” I asked.
“No. Come, we can go down now and you can try.”
We ran down the stairs and to the huge piano. I sat swiftly down and laid my fingers softly at the tangents. I closed my eyes and started to play.
I played from my heart, and so I didn`t need notes.
“Wow. You play beautiful.” I heard Bella say, and I opened my eyes and stopped the song.
“No! Just play. Is it your song?” she said.
“Kind of. I don`t really play with notes.” I answered.
“You had your eyes locked.” She said.
“I do. I play from my heart.”
“Can you play it again?” she asked. I closed my eyes, and let the song go on from where it had been stopped. I don`t really know, but the song was kind of sad…
“It`s beautiful.” I heard Esme whispered from behind, but I didn`t let it go in to my song.
“She`s almost better then Edward…” I heard Alice say too.
“Thank you so much, Alice.” Edward say.
“Please! You distract her!” Nessie said.
“Thanks.” I mumbled to her. My song drifted to an end and stopped.
I looked behind me. Everyone stood with their eyes wide.
“That was…” Nessie started.
“…amazing!” Alice finished for her.
“Thanks… I guess.”
“Why was it so sad?” Edward asked.
“I don`t know. I just have some seriously problems with my mood, I guess.”
“It was stunning. You really are a talent.” Edward said. “I heard you and Nessie sing too. Your amazing!”
“Well, I don`t really want to be amazing, but that`s the way it is.”
“God have given you a unique gift.” Carlisle said. “Would you sing and play at the same time for us?”
I shook my head. “I don`t know how that works. I only play from my heart, but I guess I can try…”
I sat down again and started playing “Maybe” from the musical “Annie”. When I was done, I looked up at them again.
“If I were Andrew Lloyd Weber know, I would have castet you in this exact minute.” Edward said.
“Thank you, Edward. It means a lot to me to hear this from you.”
Nessie and I walked upstairs again to bed. I fell fast asleep, I was tired, but I still had a nightmare. I was inside the Cullens house, and all of them stood with their back to me.
“Hi!” I said to them in my dream. When they turned, It wasn`t really them I saw. Well, it looked like them, but their eyes where all bright red, and from their mouth it ran…blood. They looked at me, and smiled, and…they had fangs!
I woke the exact moment that Nessie was trying to attach me(in my dream of course).
Oh gosh, I need some fresh air, I though, and I started to walk silent out the door, not to wake up Nessie. I heard the others mumble downstairs. Were they still up this late?
“…he is really pretty.” I heard Emmett said.
“Only pretty, Emmett? No, she was hot. Hot, and pretty, and cute.” Bella said.
“And she sings amazing.” Carlisle said.
“And not to comment on the piano…” Edward said.
“She like to book Dracula too.” Carlisle commented.
“That will be a problem for us.” I heard Jasper say. What did they mean?
I started walk with more intension down the stairs and to the door.
“Hey, Grace. What are you gonna do outside?” I heard Emmett call.
“Sorry. I had a nightmare, and I need some fresh air.”
“Ahh. Go on then!”
I opened the door, and the cool, but still comfortable late august wind came to me.
I stood and leaned against the house wall when Bella came outside.
“Hi, Grace. How do you feel?” she asked.
“I`m okay. Just a lot to deal with you know. Daddy, and my mother.”
“Yeah. I`m so sorry.”
“I wished that everyone could stop say that. Sure, is my mom doesn`t survive, then they can start to say, “I`m sorry” and all of that. But she isn`t.”
“It`s still a lot to deal with.” She said.
“Do you wanna talk about the nightmare?” she asked.
“I guess it could be fine to let somebody know.” I sighed. “First, I just dreamt of walking into your house. I found you, and when I spoke, you all turned…and I think I have read House of Night and Dracula too much. Because all you eyes where bright red, and you had fangs and…from you mouth it was… Jeesh, blood.”
I looked at Bella. Her face was smooth, but under the smooth mask was a hard face.
“I woke when Nessie tried to attach me. My head started to hurt, and I wanted some fresh air.”
“So what you tell me, is that you thought that we were vampires?” she asked.
“I didn`t thought so. I just dreamt it.”
“I`ll go to bed again if you don`t mind. I`ll have school tomorrow.” I got up and walked in.
No one said a word from the living room as I walked up the stairs. I didn`t sleep fast, but when I finally did, the nightmare just played over and over.

Chapter tree – School-romance

When I woke the next morning, Nessie hadn`t waked. Lucky she is. Can sleep as long she want to, I thought. I found the bathroom and cleaned myself a little with a few things I got yesterday. I brushed my teeth and got down. The smell of egg and beacon filled my lungs. I walked into the kitchen. Esme stood and was making the breakfast, as Carlisle read the newspaper. They both looked at me as I came in the door from the hallway.
“Hey, Grace! You up early!” Esme called.
“Yes, it is school today.” I said, sitting down. “Do you need some help with the dinner?”
“No thanks. You our guest now, Grace.” She said and I smiled.
“How do I get to school?” I asked.
“I`ll drive you on my way to the hospital.” Carlisle said and looked up from the paper.
“Thanks. But after the hospital, where do I go then?” I asked.
“Well, the other kids is going on a hiking trip, but Nessie is staying here, and so we thought that maybe you would like to spend the rest of the week with us.” Esme said.
“Oh, Esme! It is nothing in the world I would love more! Well, except from my mom being good again, and my father to stop drugs and alcohol.”
“Well, then you stay with us until Sunday.” Esme said, setting the breakfast in front of me.
Her food, one word: SuperFantastic!! I had never in my life eaten so good breakfast as here.
I looked up at her. “This is really good!” I said before I took another bite.
“Well, it`s good someone around here have appetite.” She sighed. I looked at Carlisle.
“Aren`t you going to eat?” I asked him.
“I have already. I was just waiting for you to get ready.” He said, and smiled at me.
“Oh. Sorry.” I said, and started chewing faster.
“We are in no hurry. I won’t be missing at the hospital in two hours, and school starts in forty-five minutes.” He assured me, but I still chewed a little faster. Nessie showed up in the door, stretching her long, perfect body and shaking all her curls and she yawned.
“That is one of the best nights ever.” She said, yawning again. “What `bout you, Grace?”
“Well, as your parents can tell you, I got a nightmare in the night, but otherwise it was better than at my dad’s.”
“Well, are you done know Grace?” Carlisle asked.
“Yes.” I said, jumping up. I started to take my knife and fork and my dish, but Esme cut me off.
“Just let them stay, Grace. I`ll take it afterwards.”
I got my schoolbag and hurried out after Carlisle to his car.
“Why do you Cullens have so cool and good cars?” I asked.
“I just earn lots of money.” He said, smiling at me.
When we got so near the school that it was in our sight I looked at him.
“Keep my mother safe, Carlisle. I trust you.”
“I will, Grace.”
“Will you do everything in your power to save her?” I asked. His face was blank, and his eyes were small.
“I cannot promise you that. It would be an awful life for your mother if she is on the edge of dying.”
“Well, then you owe me.” I said, and then I jumped out of the car, and ran into the school buildings.
You are rude, Grace, I thought to myself. He is the good one! Remember?
I got to my locker and started to fix my books.
“Grace! Grace, how are you?” Eric`s voice said from behind.
“Eric! You scared the hell outta me!” I said, and my hand flew to my heart.
“Oh, I`m sorry. But, how do you feel? I was so worried about you all yesterday! What did the doctor say?”
“Well, I`m at least okay since I`m standing here talking to you. The doctor say that I was fine. But I do get an big bruise at my chin.”
“Well, I probably could have guessed that.” He said. “Did they drive you to the hospital or not?”
“Not. My friend, Nessie, her father is one of the best doctors in town. Probably in whole Oregon. They did take me to him, and I`m going to stay there until Sunday, and from there we do have to get something.”
“Oh, cool.” Three other boys showed up behind him. “This, Grace, is my friends.” I waved his hands in their directions. “Max, Nathan and Joe.” All of them said ‘Hello’ as he said their names. They were all good looking. Max was short and had muscles, brown hair and green eyes. Nathan was tall and he had not so many muscles as Max, but he had a lot too. His hair was short and black, and his eyes were brown. Joe was about as tall as Nathan, and he had blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. He was a bit muscular to.
“Hi gyes!” I said.
“I guess we will see a lot to you, Grace.” Nathan said. His voice was dark, but it was jokingly. “Eric can`t stop talking about you.”
Eric closed his eyes. “Thanks, Nathan.” He said, and smacked Nathan`s chest.
“Hey! I`m just telling the truth!” he said.
“And while we talk about being honest, you have broken many girl-hearts the last few days, Eric.” Joe said. “My sister was really sad yesterday.”
“I don`t care a shit about you little sister, Joe. She had too much eyebrows anyway.”
“Eric, don`t talk like that about others. That’s rude.” I told him. Max hold on to a laugh.
“Seems like you have gotten a mother, huh, Eric?” he said.
“Hey, don`t judge her. She`s right. It`s rude.”
I looked at Max, Joe and Nathan as their eyes got wide and their smiles faded away.
“Wow, man. You must really like her.” Max said.
Eric blushed. “Well, see ya in class!” Nathan called over his shoulder and the three boys walked away.
“It`s some nice friends you have.” I said. “Well, except from their weird humor. But I`ll get used to it.”
“You say that like you want to be with me.” he said.
“Maybe I do.”
Okay, so I`ve change my mind. Eric was so my type. I wanted so bad to be his girlfriend!
“Well, I guess that`s so then.” He said, and he got closer while he smiled. I was leaning up to the wall beside my locker. His left hand were helping him with the balance – it kind of reminded me of how Zac Efron do stand over Vanessa Hugdens in High School Musical 2, in ht beginning – and from there, it was only me taking the last few inches. His lips where warm and it felt so good! Only there was a little voice inside my head, telling me this wasn`t who I wanted. I just showed it away. Whoever did I like at this place? My thoughts about boys got interrupted as the bell rang.
“Stupid bell.” Eric muttered to himself, showing away from me. “I guess I`ll see you later than, Grace!” he called, and we both ran to different classes – with me actually being younger than him, I was one year over him. I laughed for myself as I walked into class.
A hundred million other girls will say they love you more... but I know - no, I don`t now, it is obvious that I am the one who could cross fire and ice for you<3
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