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Engelsk tentamen - When everything turns black.

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Forfatter Beskjed

Registrert: 22.03.2009
Innlegg: 5305

InnleggSkrevet: fr. 12 juni 2009, 12:29    Emne: Engelsk tentamen - When everything turns black. Svar med sitat

Jeg hadde tentamen for en stund siden, og har fått tilbake prøven for en stund siden også. Karakteren endte på 5+. Så jeg legger ut historien her.

Oppgaven var å skrive en historie der en spesiell farge spilte en stor rolle. Jeg valgte fargen sort.

Part B
Task 2. Colour: Black

When everything turns black.

It was a cold December night in 1918 in London. A 17 year old girl, have birthday this day. Her name was Savannah Denali. The night was very dark, and everything seemed to be black. Every street corner, every house and every town in the world. The girl Savannah Denali was known as the daughter of the richest man in town. Savannah was very happy with her life. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. That kind of girl you never get. She had long curly blond hair, blue-green eyes and the world’s most beautiful body. When she passed by, she was lightening up the street. She loved the way everyone was watching her as she went down the streets. She was perfect, she had everything.

One day, men around in town began to send her roses. Every time she woke up in bed, her room was covered with roses. She was very happy, that they had noticed her beauty. Later when she was going to shop, she noticed a handsome man at the corner of the shopping street. She began to talk to him, he was very kind and perfect, just like her. He had short bronze-brown hair. His skin was pale white, his eyes was brown caramel and his face was perfect. Everything about him invited her in. His breath, his smell, even his voice. But he did not act like a human, he did not look like a human. She touched his skin, and froze. He was ice cold.

He asked her carefully if she wanted to go out and eat something. She said yes, without even thinking about it. How could she leave this perfect, mysterious man, who she had fallen in love with from the moment she saw him. He followed her to his car, and they drove to the restaurant. When they got to the restaurant he was with the door and opened it for her, before she could notice that he was out of the car. They sat down with the table. The waiter asked if they wanted to order something to eat, but the boy did not want something to eat. Savannah took a lettuce. She asked the boy, “I’m curious, what’s your name?” The boy answered “Jasper”. After they had finished the meal they went to the car. But Jasper did not drive Savannah home now. They drove out to the forest.

Savannah could see that Jasper’s eyes were no longer caramel brown. They were ice cold, and black. He drove very fast. And suddenly he said “ I’m not what you think. I’m not human. Everything about me invites you in. My look, my breath, even my smell. My skin is ice cold. I never go out in sunlight, and I never eat or drink anything. I’m impossible fast, and strong” Jasper answered. Savannah was shocked- And she said “ I think I know what you are” Jasper answered. “Say it, now!” Savannah began to shake- She was scared. “Vampire” Jasper looked surprised at her “Good guess”. He suddenly said. She felt pain. She wanted to scream. He had no fangs, how could she know.” You are thirsty. That is why your eyes are black isn’t it?” “That is correct, and that is why I drove you out in the forest. I need human blood to drink, I need yours”

Savannah looked shocked at Jasper when he said that. She looked out of the window of the car. They stood still now. Everything around here was totally black. The night was black, even the trees. There was nothing to see. She decided to run. Run as far away as she could get from him. She wanted to fight for her life. Suddenly she opened the door and started to run. Every step she took, she felt more free. For every meter she ran, she got more tired. She heard Jasper screaming behind her “ You could never possibly run from a vampire!” She tried to breath well, so she had more power to run. But two seconds later, he was standing in front of her. “Bo! Where are you going” he said. “I’m going home!” She screamed back at him, and slapped him. “That is not nice!” he said. Suddenly Jasper gave Savannah a hug. She felt calm, everything seemed to be normal again now.

Suddenly she felt fire in her neck. She felt pain. Like there were thousands of animals inside her skin, trying to get out. She felt the cold lips of Jasper in her neck. And the blood just going out of her body. He suddenly went away from her, and ran. He was gone. She fell down on the ground, feeling the pain. It was horrible, she wanted to die. She did not want to feel the pain. The poison was spreading in her blood. The poison of a vampire.

Savannah’s skin started to become pale white. Her eyes became totally black. She got even more beautiful then ever. And she got thirsty. Thirsty after blood. She was lying there on the ground. Trying to get rid of the pain.

When the pain was over, she looked around her. What had happened to her. Her eyes were totally black. She was wearing black clothes and the whole world was black. All she could feel was the thirst after human blood.

Suddenly some minutes later, she heard heart beats. Something she had never heard before. She heard blood streaming through the human body. And she even heard where the human was. Without thinking, she ran north-west. Where she suddenly met a young man. An innocent young man. She just jumped on him, and drank all his blood. He fell on the ground, dead.

Savannah’s world had turned totally black. She began to kill people as a vampire. And her life will never be the same as before. She will be immortal, she will live forever. And she will kill thousands of people. Cause that is what vampires live on. Human blood. The happiest girl in the world turned out from happy to totally destroyed.
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Registrert: 27.04.2009
Innlegg: 5306
Bosted: Mo i Rana

InnleggSkrevet: fr. 12 juni 2009, 15:20    Emne: Svar med sitat

Den var jo bra o_O Very Happy

When everything turns black aka Twilight Cool x )
du er flink å skrive Very Happy

"You wouldn't happen to know where I could get my hands on a master cylinder for a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit?"
"Umm.. sure... just follow me in my room for a sec... MWHAHAHA Twisted Evil"
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Registrert: 22.03.2009
Innlegg: 5305

InnleggSkrevet: fr. 12 juni 2009, 15:41    Emne: Svar med sitat

Haha jeg vet xD Jeg tok egentlig litt utganspunkt fra forskjellige ting i twilight.. så man kan kalle det aka Twilight. Det var en blanding.

Hehe takk takk d:
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