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The day I killed Adolph Hitler

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Nyfødt vampyr

Registrert: 16.04.2009
Innlegg: 24
Bosted: Oslo

InnleggSkrevet: ma. 20 april 2009, 16:04    Emne: The day I killed Adolph Hitler Svar med sitat

Hadde engelsktentamen og skrev novelle. Måtte ha en gripende handling og skulle være litt historisk. Tema: Time. Sånn ble det altså. Ble fornøyd med begynnelsen, men så skjedde det som alltid skjer; jeg går lei. Da ender det alltid med at jeg runder av alt for fort x)..


The day I killed Adolph Hitler

It all started one day in April. Every sign signaled that this day would be a perfect day. The weather was sunny, the air was dry and hot and I was in a good mood. After eating breakfast, I realized that it was unusually silent in my house. My parents would normally rest in the living room and watch television, but they weren't there. They were gone. When I went to turn on the computer, which rested at the small table beside the bed in my room, I remembered it. My parents had gone to a spa trip in China. «Awesome!» I thought. I loved to be alone. When I was alone, I could just relax and invite some friends over, and maybe hang out with the bad boys in the pub. The best thing of them all was that I could decide when I should go to bed, and when I ruled, sleeping time would be around 4 a.m. I turned happily on the computer and clicked on the Internet icon. My dad had clearly borrowed my computer yesterday, because Firefox had remembered which pages he had visited. Youtube popped up from nowhere and started to play an old video about the Second World War. «Boring», I sighed silently for myself. I nearly switched to another page, before I realized that the video was about Adolph Hitler. «Exciting», I smiled and decided to stay and watch. It was an old black-and-white video and it was filmed in Berlin during the War. I watched planes which bombed buildings and screaming people. Suddenly a man started talking about Adolph Hitler and where he had hidden from his enemies. The man described a tall, gray building and I could see everything clearly in my head. It was almost like I was there. Many stairs lead to a room and that's where he was hiding, but the man in the video didn't explain where. He only said that no one knows because his body was burned after killing himself. Then the video ended. I replayed it and leaned closer to the screen to study every detail. When the tall, gray building came in sight again, I suddenly felt a strange feeling I never had felt before. It was almost like I was pushed into the screen of the computer! Everything went black and I felt dizzy and uncoordinated. What happened? I suddenly fell down from nowhere. «Ouch!» I screamed in pain when I landed on something hard. Luckily, my sight went back to normal and I took a good look around. I was in a room with only one window, which showed me that I was high above the streets underneath, and I could hear planes and bombs. The room was simple and brown, and it was empty. Actually, it was completely empty, except me. «Who the hell are you and where did you come from?» a man's voice suddenly yelled terrified on German. I turned my head back and forth to examine the room, but I didn't see anyone. «Hello?» I asked confused. «Get off me!» the voice screamed again. The voice came from underneath me. I looked down and fell into shock. The hard thing I landed on weren't an unusually hard floor, but a man with a mustache and black hair. No, not Super Mario, but the man known as Adolph Hitler. I knew him immediately when I saw his tiny mustache formed perfectly as a square under his nose. He wore a green uniform with the Nazi mark printed on. «You are Adolph Hitler!» I stuttered. My face went pale white when I realized it. This man, who I actually rested on, was Adolph Hitler and I had just attacked him! How did I come here? The computer must have teleported me back in time and placed me in this random building with Adolph Hitler. Suddenly I remembered that this building where the same building I had seen in the video: The building where Adolph Hitler had hidden under the Second World War and killed himself. If it was possible for my skin to be whiter than I already was, I grew paler. I went up and took two steps backwards from Hitler, frightened. He copied me and didn't look away from me. His skin was white too, almost like he had seen a ghost. How could he be alive? «You are supposed to be dead!» I screamed. Hitler opened and closed his mouth a few times before he spoke. «Please don't take me! I don't want to end up in hell. Please spare me, devil!» He looked really desperate. What had he just called me? A devil? But I am just me. I frowned. Hitler took another step backwards. «Please, don't send me to hell. I will stop eliminate Jews. I will stop it right now.» He brought a gun up from his pocket and placed it against his head. I opened my mouth to scream, but it was too late. The sound of the gun was ear-splitting and I realized that I had closed my eyes. The smell of the blood caught my nose and I felt like I was going to throw up. Suddenly another feeling began, the same feeling I had felt for a while ago. When the dizzy feeling went away, I opened my eyes. I was back in my bedroom with the computer turned on. The video was still playng and I quickly turned off the computer. What had just happened? Had I really travelled back in time, to 1945 when Hitler died? I studied my clothes and examined some red spots. The spots where warm, wet and had a rusty smell and I understood what it was. It was blood from the most dangerous and most evil man of all time. I had Hitler's blood on my jeans. It wasn't just my imagination, the whole scene had just happened. Suddenly I understood what all this meant. The reason that Hitler killed himself was nothing else, but me.

Tja. Det var dett. Fant en del feil i ettertid som jeg rettet i hui og hast. Men det får gå som det går Wink
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Jaktende vampyr

Registrert: 12.05.2009
Innlegg: 163

InnleggSkrevet: on. 13 mai 2009, 19:59    Emne: Svar med sitat

Den var kjempebra!!Very Happy


That’s Edward. He’s gorgeous, of course, but don’t waste your time. He doesn’t date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him.
Jessica Stanley, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.22
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miss Black
Vampyr på vaktopplæring

Registrert: 08.05.2009
Innlegg: 3074
Bosted: la push ;]

InnleggSkrevet: sø. 14 juni 2009, 11:39    Emne: Svar med sitat

wow!! kjempebra Very Happy

When life offers you a dream so far any of your expectations, its not reasonable to grieve it when it comes to an end.

"Is this the part where you start tearing off your strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?"
"If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should just have asked."
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